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We have provided everything you will need

1) Plusaire Unit

2) complete installation instructions

3) a complete installation kit

4) a fresh air vent and wall sleeve

All this bundled into our internet introductory offer at one low price. This complete package assures you that that you can easily install your Plusaire Unit yourself giving your family the gift of fresh air.

To take advantage of our internet introductory offer and get your Plusaire Unit complete with fresh air intake vent and self installation kit choose from the unit sizes below

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BME size # 1 Air Unit & Kit…………………….…895.00
BME size # 2 Air Unit & Kit…………………….…995.00
BME size # 3 Air Unit & Kit…………………….…1095.00
BME size # 4 Air Unit only …………………….…995.00

To take advantage of our internet introductory offer and get your Plusaire Ultraviolet unit complete with fresh air intake and self installation kit and a bonus of your first replacement bulb guaranteed for three years sent with your system FREE …….a 279.00 value. This will give your family six years of healthy purified air!!!!

BME size # 1 UV Purification Unit & Kit…………………....1695.00
BME size # 2 UV Purification Unit & Kit…………………....1795.00
BME size # 3 UV Purification Unit & Kit…………………....1895.00


Snorkel to raise exterior air access…………………….........140.00
Replacement UV Lamp …………………….........................279.00

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Isn’t your family’s health worth it…...no price can be put on your health!!

Plusaire Units have no moving parts and provide a lifetime of fresh air.
Remember Plusaire is engineered to always bring in just the right amount of air as dictated by the negative pressure in your house and is energy efficient, exits no air so heat recovery technology is not required …..… easy installation you can do it yourself!!!

Try it Risk Free Money back guarantee excluding shipping.

"Pure Air Plus" can provide your family with a unique experience in residential ventilation systems from "Plusaire®" with the added benefit of UV purification, continually creating a healthy comfortable indoor environment and filling your house with pure fresh air every day!

Those who have had the system installed and where suffering from breathing disorders or asthma and those with smokers in the home have noticed the most immediate and significant difference with symptoms being reduced by 50% or more.

Just think how different your home environment can become if you reduce the toxins and introduce fresh air into your home, the results are nothing short of remarkable and your family will feel better and have more energy and an improved quality of life.


Plusaire® can only be install on a forced air system and will require access to an outside wall from the furnace room, it comes in 4 sizes to suit the size of your house. The exterior air intake vent needs to be 20 inches up from ground level to prevent snow cover from blocking the vent. If you have less than a 20 inch clearance you will require a snorkel to raise this to an appropriate level see snorkel in accessories.

We want you to enjoy Plusaire risk free so we are offering you a Money back guarantee

And as an added bonus – All our prices are quoted in Canadian dollars for our Canadian customers and giving our US customers the dollar exchange benefit.
Pure Air Plus products are distributed under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) to eliminate the costs of tariffs and duty.

So now that you know we stand behind our product and there are no hidden costs how will it fit into your house and which size do you need.

“Easier than opening a window”

Give your family the gift of a healthy environment- “Plusaire gives fresh air for life”
The first completely automatic, inexpensive superior clean air whole house system improving your indoor environment in 48 hours by filling your home with fresh clean air every day!


Our personal experience with Plusaire Ultraviolet

Our own experience with Plusaire and the Sanuvox J Lamp system came that very same year when the Orangeville sewage treatment plant was experiencing an over capacity situation. On our street we can all see the sewage plant from our back yard. The sewer gases and fumes from the problem polluted our outside air to the point that being outside for more than a half an hour made you sick. Interestingly our indoor air was fresh and clean due to our Plusaire with ultraviolet purification. We where convinced!!

But where does your indoor air come from…...............outside

And so you have that out door problem compounded with indoor contaminants.
But when we approached urban centres we had difficulty convincing people that their indoor air was worse than the outdoor air, they did not want outdoor air!!! So we began the research of purification systems. We finally found an ideal solution, another Canadian Company Sanuvox a state of the art developer and manufacturer of purification systems using ultraviolet light. Sanuvox became the purification system of choice to combine with Plusaire. Sanuvox have developed a system that is unmatched in the industry with stationary air tubulator blades and a J Lamp that is placed inside an aluminium shield. The turbulator naturally rotates the air and the shield holds, reflects and exposes the air to the lamp for a closer, longer more effective kill on all airborne contaminants even car exhaust. The lamp is guaranteed for three years giving cost effective replacement value and meeting our goal of exceptional quality and low maintenance low cost for the consumer. Plusaire units are now available with or without purification for the customer to choose between fresh outside air and purified outside air.

What you get is an affordable, efficient source of fresh air........ This is what Pure Air Plus provides featuring "Plusaire®" Residential Ventilation Systems and "Plusaire® Ultraviolet" Systems that come in several sizes to suite every household.

Then the secondary issue emerges

In approaching the urban areas such as Toronto we found that people did not want the outside air as they assumed it was far more dangerous than the air inside their homes. This fear is partly caused by the pollution index announcement you hear on the nightly news each day and the fact that outdoor pollution has been in the for front with environmentalists for a long time.

There are to many appliances pushing air out of the house such as bathroom fans, central vacuums, range hoods, clothes dryers etc., this can be significant with no easy way for replacement air to get in. The result creates negative pressure in the house which means the house becomes more interested in trying to suck air in than pushing air out. This can interfere with the air supply for your furnace and other fuel-burning equipment. As air tries to enter the house through the only means available, which is the existing flues (chimneys) of your furnace, wood stove, fireplace and gas hot water heater, the reversal causes these appliances to spill flue gases into the house rather than exhausting them. This makes your wood stove smoke back, your furnace and hot water heater dump carbon monoxide into the house!! What is needed is an easy efficient source of make-up air to equalize the pressure and feed your furnace and other fuel-burning appliances that have become starved for air. "Pure Air Plus" " can provide this using a "Plusaire" residential ventilation system filling your house with fresh air every day!

Plusaire designed to correct the problems caused in your airtight house can be equally effective in a drafty house. Plusaire comes in several sizes engineered to the size of your house so it will always brings in just the right amount of fresh air as it is dictated by the negative pressure your house creates. So when the pressure is equalized in a drafty house the drafts diminishes because the reason the house is drafty is that there is still more air exiting than can be brought in and this is still creating that negative pressure problem and as the house is trying to draw outside air it is creating those uncomfortable drafts. The system is designed and engineered to be effective with just the negative pressure created by your house. Plusaire® also uses a distribution system you already have, the furnace and its ductwork bringing in the air required when the furnace is running in the heating mode. Secondly when the furnace is not heating, Plusaire in its passive mode will still bring in air as the house is exhausting it through the various fans and appliances. In both cases the fresh air is tempered and mixed with warm air and delivered around the house by the existing ductwork. Plusaire always brings in just the right amount of fresh air required by the house supplying your whole house easily and efficiently with fresh air whenever it’s needed….easier than opening a window!!

Think of your house as a living, breathing thing. "Houses need to breathe"...............and those that don't have an adequate fresh air exchange are unhealthy.

We immediately contacted Tony and purchased units for our customers. They worked so well and to our surprise alleviated many other indoor air quality issues such as excess winter condensation preventing the development of molds, prevented the triggers in asthma symptoms and environmental symptoms of all kinds. At that point we knew we wanted to promote and sell Plusaire. We felt everyone should have one and experience this healthy safe home environment.

Here is how Plusaire can help you and your family experience a healthy home!!

We all understand the value of insulating our homes to make them more energy efficient and save heating costs. However, better insulation restricts a fresh air exchange and prevents fresh air from regularly entering the house in a natural way, trapping stale, polluted air inside your home. As hot air naturally rises and exfiltrates from your home through the ceiling it creates a vacuum called negative pressure. Without a proper fresh air ventilation intake source, dust, smoke, pollen and airborne pollutants remain in the air and constantly re-circulate throughout your house, causing a variety of lingering side affects and indoor air quality will decline.

In the January of 2001 we where doing some research on the internet still looking for a reasonable solution to this negative pressure phenomenon as current systems including "heat recovery ventilators" (HRV) did not bring in enough make up air to truly correct the negative pressure problems, although HRV's did bring in fresh air they also exited the same amount of stale air thus never addressing the equalizing of the negative air pressure problem with additional fresh air. Some of our customers had spent thousands putting these systems in and where still experiencing the same back-drafting in wood stoves as before. We finally found a small company in Princeton Ontario manufacturing makeup air units called Plusaire. This product was invented by a Canadian Tony Baptist in response to the same issues of back-drafting in wood stoves that our customers where experiencing.

Health hazards new homes and environmental illness

Dangerous negative air pressure inside your energy efficient airtight home is capable of drawing chemicals, volatile organic compounds from your homes building envelope and from your furnishings and flooring right into the air you breathe.

Indoor air quality for kids ……

Did you know that your children and the elderly are most at risk for new home environmental illnesses as their immune systems are not as strong as yours; more on this later

From: Maiken Crole

Dear Friends

I GREW UP sleeping in bedrooms with the heat cut off and the window cracked open, even on the coldest of nights, because my father decreed, "It's safer that way."

Poisonous carbon monoxide gas escaping from a faulty-operating furnace was what he feared. His concern was well founded. I heard stories then, and still do, about whole families perishing in their sleep or becoming deathly ill from carbon monoxide fumes.

This gas is a colourless, odourless killer. Its victim's flue-like symptoms make the source of illness difficult to detect. Each generation must be acquainted anew with the dangers.

How sick building syndrome can be prevented:
Is " Home Sweet Home" hazardous to your health?

On the days you see a brown haze hanging over downtown, you probably don't mind staying inside. But is the air in your home any better?

Maybe not!! Indoor air, including the air in your home or apartment, can be even more polluted than the outdoor air of many big cities. Many of today’s newer homes with airtight construction and inadequate ventilation actually have higher levels of unhealthy air than some older, draftier homes.

Energy conservation measures with sealed vapour barriers, caulking, and carefully installed weather-stripping on doors and windows all reduce the amount of fresh air able to get into your house. The shell, or envelope, of such houses can resists the incoming airflows necessary to compensate for the exhaust ventilators that are operating.

All fuel-burning appliances are exhaust ventilators, as are kitchen and bathroom fans, clothes dryers, and central vacuum systems. All these draw air from the house and exhaust it outside. When a fuel burning exhaust ventilator such as your furnace operates in a well-sealed house, it may not get all the air it needs to function properly, this can create a very dangerous situation – carbon monoxide spillage.

When two or more exhaust ventilators operate at once, they compete with each other for available air! In the competition for air, mechanical systems such as kitchen and bathroom fans usually win out over natural draft systems such as chimneys creating that dangerous CO spillage situation mention above. The chimney serving a wood stove or furnace may back-draft when the negative pressure produced by mechanical ventilators (fans) overcomes the chimney draft.

In our cosy modern home well sealed against the weather, negative pressure is a dangerous phenomenon that anyone can experience to some degree.

Negative pressure became prevalent and started showing up in our houses after the energy crises of the seventies, and was actually discovered when houses began to be built to more energy efficient standards. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) a house that lacks a source of fresh air will experience negative pressure and this can create several of the above mentioned problems for you and your family.

You may experience pollutants that are being drawn in from the building envelope, this becomes even more serious if you are a new homeowner and all the new materials are still off gassing.

Other sources of contaminants are an accumulation of chemicals in new home environments from radon leaching into the house through the basement, out-gassing of manufactured goods and other materials, new carpets and modern furnishings your household and cleaning products, back-drafting fumes from your fireplace or wood stove, carbon monoxide spillage from your furnace and hot water heater if it is gas fired, products used in
home hobbies.

Another serious issue you may experience is an increase in winter condensation and humid stale air circulating in your home, this is also brought on by the negative pressure of energy efficiency and the danger here is the threat of bacteria and molds that thrive on moisture and can cause environmental illness and allergic reactions, not to mention damage to windows and walls in your new home. These micro organisms can continually circulate if the air is heavy, stale and not replenished. Then there is the continual mopping up of the window sills from winter condensation and the possibility of all that water damage. Some or all of this can be spreading throughout your home when fresh air is lacking.

In 1985 “Indoor Air Quality” (IAQ) and “Sick Building Syndrome” (SBS) became
headlines when employees at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Washington D.C. headquarters complained that the offices they worked in were making them sick. To think of the EPA employees with environmental illness turned some heads, this made government sit up and take notice.

Since then sick building syndrome has been diagnosed in the walled-up environments of other modern buildings, many of which are without windows or have the kind you can't open for a breath of fresh air. It has been estimated that over 20 percent of all commercial buildings in North America have a serious indoor air quality problems which can literally make their occupants feel or become sick subjecting them to the risk of environmental illness. This is also true of the airtight quality of many of our new well built homes including the R2000 and now
R3000 homes.

All these chemicals and toxins that are causing poor indoor air quality have some interesting statistics that are reported from various sources. One of these reports from CFTO’s Lifeline in the spring of 2001 was that women who work at home or are homemakers have an over 50% higher cancer rate than those who go out to work. The reason is assumed to be the poor indoor air quality in our homes and the unregulated chemicals in many household products that are used by women every day. These toxins affect us when we breathe them in and when we absorb them through the skin and of course they leach into the indoor air of our homes. These same chemicals and products if used in the workplace would be highly regulated with warnings such as “ventilate area when using” “gloves and protection must be warn at all times.”

Again your children are at the greatest risk….. Did you know that over 3,000,000 children are poisoned or injured each year in North America from a household or personal care product. Then think about this menace being available in the everyday air they breathe.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rates indoor air pollution among the top environmental health risks.
And if you're like most people, you spend as much as 80 percent of your time indoors especially during the winter months. For this reason, it’s important that you consider the air quality of your home. This is even more important if you have young children or if you're older or have a systemic illness such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromialgia, emphysema or asthma and also if you have any cardiovascular or other serous illness.

Respiratory problems:

If you have emphysema or other related respiratory problems air pollutants and irritants can make it worse and poor air quality can trigger asthma more frequently and with more severe attacks. If your symptoms disappear when you leave home for several hours but recur once you return, something in your indoor air could be the irritant.

Let me tell you the story of how and why we started our
Indoor Air Quality ventilation business.

Pure Air Plus was formed initially in the spring of 2001 when we finally found a solution to wood-burning stoves and fireplaces back-drafting. We where in the chimney sweeping business and were constantly inundated with calls of woodstove and fireplaces smoking back into the room. We built a whole web site on the art of solid fuel burning and the use and operation of these appliances designating a large chapter to smoking back and the cause … negative air pressure, and ventilation calculating the stack effect in houses.

Here is one of the ways we had to deal with the problem and this was at best temporary............. but there is more

Here is how you can reduce or temporarily eliminating the negative pressure the chimney of your wood burning stove or fireplace has to work against. If you experience back drafting open a door or window for a few minutes and watch how this works to change the neutral pressure plane and prevents that unpleasant smoke filled room as long as you do it before you light the fire.

Follow the instructions below.

This was a stopgap measure and certainly defeated the reason for a nice cosy fire on a cold winter evening. So we continued searching for the ideal solution.

Have you experienced any of the following at your house

What is it, and how can you eliminate it in your home?

Is Your House Sick?

USEPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) indicates that the air in your new modern home is 10 times more polluted than the most industrialized city in the US and you may never have heard of the cause... Negative Air Pressure
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Here is the problem in a nutshell;
Plusaire costs less…..................lasts a lifetime, requiring no maintenance.

Just “get it and forget it” this is so amazing you have to try it to believe it – you can do it yourself!!!
You can use our sizing page to determine the size of Plusaire unit you require click here to automatically go to the sizing page and find the type of Plusaire required for your house.